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My Time In Iso - The Journey To Unify

2 Sides To A Coin. I Am The Coin Among The Currency
You can heal the behaviour by acknowledging the emotions. Emotions have been around since the dawn of human existence. We all have carried past emotional trauma from previous timelines to this very moment which is knocking on our soul doors. Some choose to answer their door & others aren't ready to open it.
Many of us are being reminded of these past lifetime experiences now while we are all in iso.
Fear, sadness, grief, frustration, worthlessness, not coping, anxiety about the future, not sleeping, overeating to suppress confusion etc.
Are you ready to accept your greatness that was always there but just out of view? Sometimes getting a glimmer of "something" but unsure of knowing what to do because it was "foreign"?
Is it time for you to bring polarity together & unify your consciousness?
This is new territory before humanity & all God's creatures. We can continue to play in the consciousness we are already familiar with & we can also explore the new energies that Gaia has never experienced before.
In my own iso bubble I have been experiencing many new things about myself. I too have been feeling anxious then moving into a bliss like state, then crashing back down with utter fatigue. Getting frustrated with others getting frustrated & getting caught up in a cycle. One minute being this warrior woman with a sword of truth, then to only cut myself in the process.
Another day & I'm shaking like a leaf becoming so overwhelmed with the energies among the collective.
Where does this find me with what seems like complete chaos & confusion?....I find myself wanting to know more of who is me? Outside of me is still me because I allowed it to be me. I was still me in my body but the focus had changed. I was in an unaware state of consciousness. I was judging & comparing myself to others. Realising my own polarity, one side being more dominant than the other. Understanding that it's true, I am a compassionate soul but seeing at certain times I was not compassionate to my dark side.
I've lived many dark lives. As I've also lived light lives. As you also have done.
What I've said here certainly doesn't condone with the darkness that is still evident on the planet, however there is still light within these Beings & they incarnated knowing that in this lifetime for them they were going to play as an actor of darkness.
So as winter touches my skin with its cold caress I continue to connect to my God self (higher self, source etc. The One of the same). To allow myself to fully open up to who I always was & am.
I invite you to do the same.
Blessings from All to All

First Blog For 2020

Hi there!

Welcome to 2020 hey! It's been interesting to say the least.

My blog will have a comments section where you can leave questions & comments on the topics that I discuss.

So while I navigate how this blogging works stay well & shine on.






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